Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrity Diamond Earrings

Celebrity Diamond Earrings
Celebrity Earrings have always been a talking point and fashion experts as well as starry eyed fans constantly keep a tab on what celebrities have been donning. Celebrity diamond earrings are usually not as glitzy as their other jewellery counterparts like bracelets, arm bands, necklaces and rings are. However, some celebrities with breathtaking hairdos often make it a point to flash their celebrity diamond earrings which take everyone by awe. Whether it is dangling earrings made popular by sportswomen like Maria Sharapova on the tennis courts or the studs, the diamond earrings could be a vital part of a woman’s jewellery corner.
Celebrity Diamond Earring
In fact, celebrity diamond earrings are also making news these days because top celebrities are picking them as gifts for their famous girlfriends. One of the best examples is the gift from Christiano Ronaldo to his girlfriend. These days the red carpet is one place where the best celebrity diamond rings can be noticed. Nicole Kidman was seen in the Grammys red carpet with her elegant emerald earrings which provided a beautiful match for her complexion and red hair. The matching bracelet with similar green stones added to the overall charm and fashion statement. No wonder she is considered to be amongst the leading ladies of Hollywood in terms of fashion.
Celebrities Diamond Earrings
Not all celebrities believe in long dangling earrings or their popularity. Some prefer in simpler versions like the diamond stud earrings which are elegant and classic and are ideal for single colour outfits. Hoop earrings with dangling diamonds involves another design that adds flash and shimmer, whether it is an occasion to party or a more formal event. There are other celebrities like Mandy Moore who do it their own way with chandelier earrings of silver with scarlet hued stones. Silver and scarlet is a great combination and they went amazingly well with her plum coloured gown she wore to one of the red carpet events.
Celebrities have their own personality, style and taste. While some love being glitzy, others love to make a subtle statement. Celebrities in the past have been seen in diamond earrings without any fecklaces. Bold diamond bracelets and earrings are a great combination and without the necklace they give an impression of your style without overdoing it. When paired with the right dress the earrings could be more than worth their weight in diamonds and one doesn’t have to don a breathtaking necklace to make the headlines.

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